Chaos Unorganized Pt. IV: Pantry Party

What better way to spend an entire Monday than cranking up the 80's play list, belting out 'Love is a Battlefield' quite convincingly in my best Pat Benatar angst while wading waist-deep into the chaos of what was once thought to be a pantry.

From the shame of it, the before picture didn't happen, just trust me - it wasn't good. The little room off the kitchen became The Projects for anything too big for the junk drawer and finding multiple cans of the same slop was asking too much in my usual 'what-am-I-gonna-fix' dinner panic.

It took some re -rearranging, scrubbing, emptying those over-flowing crumb trays at the bottom of the toaster, the discovery that potatoes, onions and garlic can grow anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE, sugar mixed with spice is anything but nice and honey should replace super-glue as an all-around household adhesive. A special thanks go out to the Farmers for that 2 quart nightmare of golden goo.

Things are much better now that I don't have to pretend to be a modern day Moses and part the 'seas' just to get to my broom. (Cross off excuse #204 of why my floor hasn't been swept.) The left side is chalked full of foods etc. and to the right, an army of small appliances. Five Salad-Shooter rings, four Kitchen Aid attachments, three Crockpots, two food-processors, and a Teflon-coated extra large griddle.

A little battle weary but trudging on...


  1. Forever Young said...

    I really really really could use your organizational skills, come on over and listen to your 80's music at my house :)

    Looks really nice, I love that you have an awesome pantry, I only get jealous when I see the pictures and when I visit :)

    So did you get your computer set up in the laundry room? Do you love the new W/D?