Maddy's Mini-Cakes

As if I don't have a bazillion-gagillion things to accomplish this week, I decided to make mini-cakes for Maddy's birthday party tomorrow. Cupcakes are overdone and I wasn't about to make a full-blown, strawberry-filled, three layer, two hours worth of decorating masterpiece to be ravaged by a bunch of four and five year old ladies before the last high-pitched note of "Happy Birthday" stopped ringing in my ears. Using whats left of my noodle, I broke out the mini-loaf pan buried at the bottom drawer of baking tins and went to work.

Calling upon the Michelin Man's dwarfed cousin, I enlisted the help of Mr. Doughboy for the strawberry batter and K-E-double L-O-Good for the accents. I've never used pre-made fondant before but Wilton definitely has it covered; so easy to use that even I can do it. Think of it as somewhat better tasting pie crust. Knead, roll, cut, lay out, smooth, done. Food coloring can be added too and makes a neat-o marbled effect if not mixed thoroughly.

After getting my kindergarten PlayDough fix, I covered the loafs with 1/8" thick fondant and used the Yogos Rolls as edible ribbon. The trick with the gooey fruit snack is to trim it on the paper backing and keeping a small bowl of confectioner's sugar close by. Apply the 'upside' to the cake with glue (H20) and show the smooth 'paper side'. Watch out, each roll is a different width. It took just over one roll to decorate each mini-cake - oopsies included. However, the ribbons do not hold their shape for very long. The loops were curved and rippled when finished but droopy by the time I completed the next cake. Don't try to pry them apart... it's hazardous to ones sanity and will only make matters worse. Play up the imperfection by claiming 'artistic freedom' and flaunt it like a rockstar, baby.

(Finished size: 4"L x 2" W x 2" H)

(It's really green...not blue. She wanted a Strawberry Shortcake Doll Theme)


  1. Tammy said...

    WOW!!! You are quite the 'Martha'! You put shame to my yellow cake with chocolate frosting.... AND....with all that you have done this week.....WOW!!

  2. Forever Young said...

    I love the cakes!! So cute. I tried to make the egg thing and I am not sure what we did to the chocolate but it didn't work, oh well i was impressed that I tried :)

    I doubt I will try the cake, I will just tell everyone with little girls to check out your site :)