K-E-Double L- Oh- GOOD!

(49 boxes of cereal on the wall... 49 boxes of cereal)

Albertsons does it again. Forty-nine boxes for $43.88 plus a $10.00 cash coupon for my next grocery purchase. It works out to be $0.70 a box. Regular price is a gut-wrenching $4.65 a piece; sale price still gives me heartburn at $2.00 each. Cereal I would never, ever buy at that price. My receipt says I saved a whopping $183.83! Talk about evil inflation and price gouging... Holy Corn Pops, Batman!

Over the last two weeks, Albertsons had a sale on cereal for $.25 a box, there were lines and of course, it turned into a crazy free-for-all a la the infamous Cabbage Patch or Tickle Me Elmo mobs of the 80's and early 90's. Saving my sanity, not to mention whatever's left of my somewhat working body, I opted out. My only thought (or concern) is why all the cereal discounts when there is a world-wide wheat/grain shortage? I'm not the brightest or the biggest star in the heavens but it seems a little hazy to me. Any guesses?

Milk jug tip goes to Charity for the heads-up!


  1. TammyP said...

    I also chose to wait it out. Granted, I didn't get as good of a deal, but I also still have most of my hair and all of the other customers still have theirs!!!

  2. Forever Young said...

    I had no idea that was possible. Is there a grain shortage? I really need to keep up on what is going on. I'm probably to late to even go check out this sale? Good job on getting such an awesome deal. Now tell me, do your kids eat one box a day :)?