Chaos Unorganized Pt. III. B: Wash Your Drawers!

(Ugh! Purely Functional)

(Much Better!)

One of my favorite Disney animated movies is The Little Mermaid and one character in particular steals the show - Ursula the Sea Witch and her slithering, black eel minions, Flotsam and Jetsam. In her rendition of "Poor Unfortunate Souls", this full-figured diva lays it out with all the attitude of evilness I wish I had. What does this have to do with my laundry room redo? Well, a lot.

With my new sleek babies, laundry is a breeze and all those who are left doing things the old way are "poor unfortunate souls", withered and rotten by the time they've finished their first load. Meanwhile, I'm on to bigger and better things... like the fabulously glamorous task of scrubbing the toilet.

I cut out the hanger and the LAUNDRY myself from a scrap piece of vinyl. The cabinets I bought off of Craigslist for $100.00, including the trim. (They match my kitchen cabinets and though they don't fill the space very efficiently, beggars can't be choosers.) Props to Blaine for making us look like the morons we are and installing them lickity-split. I had my laundry prayer special ordered. Its says, 'May your whites be bright and all your socks have mates.' Throw up some immortal plants, a clock and voila! I feel like I have so much room in here now, especially with the roll-away, dirty laundry basket tucked inside the storage space beneath the stairs.

Poor, unfortunate souls indeed!

(Room to Roam)


  1. TammyP said...

    Ok, Ok..... I know Envy is one of the '7 deadly sins'....I'll repent later!!!!! That is the first word that comes to mind when I see that. Followed by jealousy, ooohhh, aaaahhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh!!!! That looks incredible. Did you get your vinyl printed @ Lemon Tree? Everything about that room is awesome! congratulations!!!

  2. Stacey said...

    I'm pretty excited about it too! Walking into the laundry room and not seeing mountains of stinky clothes - or clean clothes for that matter - makes me feel like the whole house is moderately to somewhat put together.

    Purchased the 'out in the wash' at the Hobby Center along with the scrap vinyl and custom ordered the 'prayer' from Lemon Tree. I think I need to go back w/ a graphic design.

    Thanks much, *cackles like the Sea Witch*


  3. Forever Young said...

    You totally should get a degree in interior decorating!!! I am not kidding, you have soooo much talent. I would pay you to decorate my house (if I had money :))

    I love what you did, it looks really nice. I have all the emotions of tammyp also :)

  4. Barney Family Blog said...

    Hey gooch fam remember us! I love that the first blog I saw of your was a redo of one of your rooms. I always loved seeing your projects in your Oregon home. You are really talented in that area! So you want to come help me with my house?
    It was fun to take a peek at your fam. I can't beleive how much they have all grown! We miss you guys and the movie nights in your awesome theater!