Bathroom Blues

Continuing my hair-brained, last minute spruce ups, the downstairs half-bath underwent some cosmetic reconstruction from Herbal Tea (Dutch Boy) green to Sonata (Behr) blue. The trim got a few hundred coats of the chocolate brown color, Bear Rug (Behr) and the plain oval mirror was replaced by one in a frame.

After fulfilling all parental requirements regarding the Degrees of Asking (nicely, sternly, threateningly) the Farmers to pick up the towel from off the floor, I came up with this 'so easy a moron could think of it' solution - tie it on! Some ribbon, a few knots and a renewed death threat later, my towel - as of yet - fluffy white and usable, my sanity or what remains of it in tact and the Farmers are still running amok with all their limbs firmly attached.


  1. Forever Young said...

    I like your idea, smart!! I like teh mirror too, I want to do that too. Once again your talent is shining through!!