Celebration Park


As the hymn was being sung, closing the Sunday morning session of conference, Dave and I were rustling up the farmers to put on sock and shoes and to wear a decent coat so we could stretch our legs a bit. David wanted to show me Celebration Park; the locale of his last scout camp out and what Devin had describe as a "really cool place where we hiked to the top of a high mountain and rolled rocks off the cliff". There is a reason moms don't go on scout trips!

(The rock-rolling plateau in the background.)

There was a storm coming in from the west and it was beautiful to watch as it crossed the valley and hugged the Owyhee's; the river with its stretches of green and black-rock plateaus in the foreground bright with sunlight. Within no time we were there, jumped out of the car and ran from place to place. The boat ramp, tumbleweed hut, upper and lower decks and of course, climbing on a few of the many thousands of rocks. We even spied a cottontail or two in the brush, hopping lazily away as our Elmer Fudd's clumsily closed in.

(The bridge)

A few raindrops later and it was time to pile back in the car and head home but first we had to see the bridge. The storm had caught up with us by now and the biting wind and rain kept us from crossing the entire span. It was still amazing nonetheless and I had to take a picture. With an hour left before the afternoon session began, I asked to take the long road home. It was a perfect Sunday drive.


    1. Bronco P3t3 said...

      Definitely a great place to camp. So many places close to home to explore.

    2. Forever Young said...

      I do love your pictures, what kind of camera do you have? We just stayed in our pajamas all day!! It was fabulous :)