On The Road Again

Seeing an opportunity for another mini vacation - yeah, we're going to outer darkness next for skipping Stake Conference - we slapped some PB&J's together and headed for Owyhee Reservoir. It was so much fun!

Google maps had us heading up a dirt road called Coyote Gluch where there was a very large road sign reading 'Dead End'. I don't do dirty, dusty, looks-safe-at-the-moment, lightly gravelled roads to nowhere with a very blunt warning, especially after last summers fiasco, so we followed my keen, womanly sense of direction and ended up where we wanted - Owyhee Reservoir!

The ride in was fantastic. My Farmers spotted a cave, some circling buzzards, tumbl'n tumbleweed, and open-range longhorns. I was half expecting to see Gene Autry riding up over the horizon, strum'n on his guitar and wishing us "Happy trails".

On the way back we stopped at the very primative, Snively Hotsprings. The springs come up out of the ground about fifty feet from the river. (Grass Trail) At the bottom of the bank, some rocks had been moved in a semi-circle, creating a pool of just the right temperature of water between the hotsprings and the river.

In the end, Owyhee has been penciled in for a weekend camping/boating trip this summer! We absolutely loved it!


  1. TammyP said...

    How fun does that sound! I don't know of anyone who has not been guilty at one time or another of taking stake or general conference as a 'free day'. I'm glad you had such a great day!!!