Getting High

(Higher the ladder, further the fall.)

Like most losers, I spent Friday night and the following Saturday getting high. With a tankard of leaded Diet Coke in one hand, a gallon of paint in the other and Daughtry/Within Temptation psyching me up to such a daunting task, I cinched up my laces and scaled the entry walls hoping not to kick the bucket or worse than a bone-crunching fall to my death, drop a bucket's worth of paint all over my hardwood. I suppose my priorities are a bit jumbled but knowing me, the latter is more than likely.

Since I'm failing miserably to complete my countdown to-do list and D-Day happens to be this Monday, I figure I might as well make a distant second and offer up some improvement on the blah, Ben Stein beige making up the not-so-great room. See photo... yeah, eww is right!

The trim is going Bear Rug (that's why around the window is not finished) and with any luck, the walls adjacent to Devin and Maddy's room (loft area) will shimmer in Twilight Gold (Ben Moore). The rest will have to wait, paint splotches and all.

(And you all thought I was doing something very naughty!)


  1. Forever Young said...

    I think you probably did get a little high, unless that window opens :)

    It is going to be beautiful when you get it all done. I can't wait to see it. Maybe I can come over in July? If not I will aim for August unless you are going to be gone.

    Have fun with all the family this week!!