Klondike or Bust!

(Six person snow cave.)

Klondike this year was up a Camp Morrison near Lake Payette and McCall Idaho. Because of recent snow storms in the area, it was iffy whether or not the Scouting activity would be cancelled. Dave, Devin, and another Scout Leader, Rob, left Friday morning to set up camp. The roads were good, no problems. The rest of the boys were being brought up afterschool, however, nobody bothered to show up or at least call to let us know they had decided not to go after all. How rude!!!

(Above: Dave, Rob, Devin playing Yatzee in the Sheephearder's Tent

Below: Devin at the roofline.)

Some friends of ours, once they found out the Klondike had been a bust, took their entire family up (staying in a hotel) to see the McCall Ice Festival. They asked if Devin could join them and he enthusticastically accepted. The hotel had a pool and they brought him swimming trunks!

As you can see, there's lots and lots of snow. It was lightly snowing when they arrived and snowing when they left. Dave came home with all the gear around 1:30 in the afternoon, unpacked, showered and took a much needed nap. Devin slid in around 7:30 after spending the day sledding, touring McCall, and checking out all the 'cool' snow sculptures.

McCall Winter Carnival Photos from 2007 http://mccallwintercarnival.com/photo-gallery.php


  1. Forever Young said...


    That is very rude!!

    My parents went to McCall just after their big festival, they said it was pretty neat.

    From the looks of things Devin had fun, so that is good :)