Chaos Unorganized Pt. I: Hitch Up Your Drawers!

( My own I Spy picture page... penny, chapstick, paperclip, screwdriver...)

Junk drawers - we all have them. Drawers full of odds and ends, papers, pens, and pencils. Punches, clips, disks and bits of important stuff that gets cast into procrastination limbo with a flick of the wrist.

This is the mess that Stacey made. With the intention of organizing my pantry, which to do what I had envisioned, the cabinets needed to be in order to free up more space that lead to the junk drawer diaster and my kitchen in complete and utter chaos. It gets worse before it gets better, right?

Saturday I revamped the backside of the island (4 cabinets and drawers). The homework section had oozed over the last year and a half and had spread its infection to three cupboards. In all I filled three paper grocery bags with schoolwork to be recycled, one trash bag, and a box ready for D.I.

Monday morning I pushed up my sleeves and dug into the junk drawer and its neighbor, junk drawer overflow, who can be rightfully accused of keeping up with the Jones'. I have to shake my head and ask myself the painfully obvious, "When, how, and why did this happen?"

Deluding myself by thinking this is all part of a grand master plan of keeping better house and thereby keeping sane while living in it, when the hard-to-swallow reality of it is that within two months - if I'm lucky - my hard work will go by the way of the Farmers or laziness and I'll be back to square one. Nevertheless, the battle plan has been drawn and this one-woman army will bravely march into enemy territory in the name of all that is good and orderly.

And to think, this is only part one!

(The junk drawer isn't so junky after all.)

(It took all day to sort, file, and throw away almost two years worth of stuff.)

(No excuse of 'I can't find a pencil! in the homework drawer')


  1. TammyP said...

    ARE YOU TRYING TO BE THE ENVY OF ALL??? Your husband should hire you out?!?! A lot of people would be willing to spend good money for you to come and do that to their junk drawer!

  2. Forever Young said...

    I love how you describe every mother's life :) Junk just flows from one drawer to another and from one cabinet to another.

    I sooooo need to do that too. I just don't want to :) Mine is boxes of junk in the basement. YUCK!!!

  3. TammyP said...

    CUTE HEADER!!! What program did you use?