Is It Really That Hard?

So I went to powder my nose, listening to the farmers playing loudly in the great room and capitalizing on the marginally 'quiet' moment, I was thinking about all those mundane things I still needed to do today: What to fix for dinner, whether or not I could squeeze in two more loads of laundry and if I wanted to muster the energy at 11pm to fold it, I really hate the color of this bathroom, Rice Krispie treats for breakfast probably wasn't the best idea, etc. when I saw this work of art. What's really sad about this paragraph - this post in its entirety - is the fact that powdering my nose happens to be my 'quiet' moment.

Apparently in this household, nobody but mom is smart enough to change out the roll. Yes, it does take an I.Q. of at least ten to accomplish such a sophisticated task and granted, I should be thankful for the little things; they're all potty-trained, know what toilet paper is and how to use it.

I couldn't help myself as I grabbed the camera, muttering like a Schizophrenic without their medication, "Patience is Genius... Patience is GENIUS... PaTiENcE iS GeNuiS!" Is it just me? Am I the only one? Does anyone else suffer from the insanity of precariously stacked rolls of T.P.?


  1. Forever Young said...

    That is sooooo funny, my kids just leave the new roll on the back of the toilet. I have to admit that it buggs some of my children but not all of them.

    I love that they make a tower:) Gave me a laugh.