Chaos Unorganized Pt. III: No More Drawers!

The title says it all, on second thought, pictures are worth a thousand words though not necessarily good ones. This is the mess I'm dealing with this week, lucky me.

Maddy's dresser had fallen on her while attempting to extract a pair of socks from its dark recesses and D.J.'s closet was a mere replication of the Island for Misfit Toys. Clothes in the closet? Never really happened.

Until now....

Benefiting from my recent obsession is D.I., Walmart, and Steralite. Tax deductions and inexpensive plastics are wonderful! I didn't bother loading up the back of the Yukon with all the stuff I'm sending away; there's so much of it I'll just haul it in the trailer!!

The Farmers rooms aren't perfect yet, still finding new homes for whats left of their toys but I'm well on my way. With my fingers and toes crossed, hopefully not my eyes too, things will be as they should by Saturday morning cartoons.

So far I'm really liking the whole laundry issue. Even Maddy, with very little help, can put her clothes away. And rubbing off some of my self-diagnosed O.C.D. she's keeping the "pretty rainbow" her shirts make - "just like Mommy's." D.J. arranges the short-sleeves before the long-sleeves and tries to keep the colors coordinated. An A+ for him too.

Continuing in the trenches, stinky socks and all.

The Boogeyman's hideout: D.J. and Maddy's closets.

There, much better!


  1. Forever Young said...

    Very nice!!!I really should take a lesson from you :) I uuuummmm just don't want to right now. But I will use your pictures to dream about nice organized closets.