Church Cancelled?

Yep, amazingly enough, the Stake President cancelled all church activities due to the snow storm Saturday night that is expected to dump even more of the white stuff Sunday. (90% Chance... I've never seen such a high percentage!)

We had blizzard-like conditions Saturday night, I was so relieved and happy to have Devin home and safe before things got too bad. Sometime early this morning the winds died down and it is still snowing.

I've discovered how bad the line of communication is within our ward. Something that needs to be fixed. Heaven forbid it was an actual emergency we were trying to contact people for. Anyway, my cell phone has melded into my ear and I've discovered that everybody has been notifyed at least four times each.

Having church cancelled couldn't have come at a better time... my kids are all tossing their cookies. (Overnight development... always at night!) I'm hoping that my carpet can recover, I'll be calling the Rug Doctor very soon!

My guess is that school will be cancelled Monday too, only the third (all this year) snow day in fifteen years! The snow has halfway buried my trees in the back and you wouldn't know there was a pond surrounded by large lava rocks either.

(Notice the drifts? The left is a lot deeper than the right.)


  1. Forever Young said...

    That looks like alot of snow, and looks very cold!! It is nice on days like that to just stay home though. Everytime it snows on a sunday I wonder if church will be canceled or not. So far it has only happened once :)