Wuv, Trwoo Wuv

D.J.'s list of broken hearts is growing. Soon Amanda will be added among his lost loves; Emma, Alyssa, Olivia, Josie, and Carly. I found the first note crumpled up in his pocket and the second taped to a plate full of half-eaten, heart shaped cookies. Smart girl, that Amanda!

For my Valentines, the Farmers included, I cooked like a prized, blue ribbon chef. On the menu was Surf and Turf; tender, round steak medallions with a home-made rub and lobster tails. Fresh roasted green beans with garlic, onion, crushed almonds, EVO and S&P to taste drizzled with Hollindaise. REAL garlic mashed potatos (recipe from the Pioneer Woman). Roasting the garlic bulbs was easy and made all the difference. Then topped it all off with an American classic, warm Dutch apple pie and French vanilla icecream. Yeah, I know the way to my mans heart or at the very least, his stomach.

Dinner must have worked some magic because the table was cleared, dishes lined up rank and file in the dishwasher, and the leftovers were tucked away in the fridge before I could scrub out the crusty, mashed tater pot.

The Farmers and I brought in Dave's Valentine present; a grinding, belt-sanding, man-grunting piece of machinery. He was very happy with his new toy and spent the rest of the evening finding it a perfect home in the garage and discovering the functions of all its buttons and levers. Its always a surprise if you don't read the owners manual.

After putting the Farmers to bed, I tinked on my piano for a while and called it a day. The kiddos were happy, the hubby was happy, my work is done. Stupid Cupid anyway.


  1. TammyP said...

    Wow! What a lady! I fed my kids a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and Chris and I had chinese take-out! (Chris had a meeting and he brought it home for us late) You have a VERY LUCKY HUSBAND & KIDS!!!

  2. Forever Young said...

    You really do go all out. No wonder you sleep all wound up, you work soooo hard!!! I will make sure George doesn't find out what you gave your hubby for Valentines Day, he might just covet, and we can't have any of that :)