Lil’ Pilgrim



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Today was the First Grade First Thanksgiving Feast.  Miss Is’ class were Pilgrims and she was bound and determined to look like a real one, so much so that it sparked quite an argument this morning. 


“Mom!  I need a black skirt, white apron, black shirt with a tall white thing around my neck and a hat.”  As she threw the black tights I had just tossed her back at me. 

“You can wear what I can find in your closet or you can go just in your purple panties for all I care.”  I returned the tights along with a black and white checkered sheath dress with equal gusto.

“Can’t you go to the store and get me a black skirt?”   Maddy’s arms were folded across her bare chest; dress and tights on the floor. 

“Absolutely not."  I’m trying to adopt the “regal” pose instead of just letting the smoke and flames shoot directly out my eyes, ears and nose.  “Don’t worry, you’ll look as pilgrimly as I can make you, but I’m not going to the store.”


“Fine.” I started gathering one of the legs of the tights together to help her get them on.  “Get over here please or we will be late and I’d like to figure out a hat for you before we have to go.”


Geez-Louise, Sis!  I dug out a white pillowcase, folded over the side and wrapped it around her head after a quickly giving her some braided piggy’s.  The end result was not too bad if I do say so myself.  Of course it wasn’t the over-achiever, full on Mayflower costume, but I worked.  She was happy, I was happy and off to school we went.


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I helped out serving gravy, sweet potatoes and corn and pulled out my phone just in time to snap this one and only picture of  Miss Is while she was in line.   By the time I was done, she was too.  It was a lot of fun, lots of food and all the first-graders enjoyed their First Thanksgiving Feast.



Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Looks like you had a great time. Hard to believe that we didn't have one of those this year... after two years in a row.

    Happy Thanksgiving!