Tuesday night Devin competed in his very first wrestling meet for the Longhorns.  The first match went three rounds and he lost by points.  Luckily he got a second match against his old school.  Another three rounds and in the final seconds, Devin scored three points and won eight to five.  Whooo hooo!!  I’ve gone from football mom to wrestling mom in a matter of weeks.   Longhorns take on the Kavemen next Tuesday; I can’t wait!




Beginning of the first match, Round 1.



Get your GRRRR on!



Second match of the night.






I was so excited cheering Devin on that I forgot to take pictures when things turned around. 

I even missed his three point gain and the ref’s declaration of his win! 

Oh well, I suppose it’s better to cheer than not to cheer!  Go DEVIN!!!


  1. The Gooch Family said...

    Wrestling? Really? I so would have been pulling for football. Although, that last picture is impressive. How in the world did he bend like that!?!?!?! Way to go, Dev!!!

  2. The Wright's said...

    Way to go Devin!!

    I will have to come to one of his and Hayden's matches!!

    I am so proud, and I am not even his mom!!