Senior Pictures: Delaney





A-173 A


What a ride taking pictures for this girl was!  My bus (Yukon XL) was stuffed with myself, Delaney, her mom and boyfriend, Preston and let’s not forget the suitcase with everything a fashionista teen would and could possibly need for a photo-shoot.    We started off at a barn then made our way to downtown.  From there we hit the rain tracks and multiple, out of the way places along the way.  Preston was a trooper through the whole thing, finding songs she likes on my iPod and holding the boom box just right.  He was an even bigger sport when she asked if she could get some pictures with him.


Delaney had her senior photos taken already by a local pro, but didn’t like them so much – at least not the lovely price tag that went with the few prints available.  So I asked if I could give it a try, if I could do any better and maybe, just maybe there will be something she loves.  Judging by the fact that I received an instant text message back when I told her the pictures were ready and ten minutes later she was at my door, I’d say yes. 


Some are fun, grungy and bold while others are muted and classic in black and white. Heaps still yet to learn…


A-135 A A-145 A  A-118 A A-132 A



A-165 A A-192 A

A-193 A A-191 G     



B-038 B  B-037 B  




B-023 A  B-018 G  



  B-044 A B-041 M B-045 A

B-052 Ga



  I-058 A I-059 A  I-064 A



L-019 A



R-153 A


It started raining towards the end of our session.  See the rain drops – you know, those blurry white stripes? Delaney asked if I could capture them, so they’re supposed to be there. lol  I really like how this one turned out, it’s one of my favorites.



R-141 A R-146 A



T-205 A  T-009 A T-214 A


The middle shot was taken just before we got kicked out of the train yard.  Technically nobody said “leave” it was more like a worker staring at us from outside the buildings.  For the record, I did look for someone to get permission from before we started.  Claim ignorance, right?



Favorites with the beau…  the filmstrip shots.  They could really hold the “serious” look so much that her mom and I had to break it up.


Delaney & Preston SB a

R-184 B


This shot was completely candid, well… Delaney notice the camera pointed in her direction.  We were clearing out of the road before a

red mustang ran us all over, Delaney and Preston headed for the pull-out and I just leaned up against the guard rail a ways down the road and happened to catch the moment. 


L-050 A

Doesn’t that just scream personality?


Thanks Delaney!



  1. Jackie said...

    I really like those pictures! I really want you to do mine also! haha if it would be possible :) A quick question, do you always use your flash when you do portraits?

  2. Stacey said...

    I love these pics Stacey. She looks gorgeous!!! Awesome job.

  3. Lora said...

    LOVE them all!! Good job.... I'm not surprised that she liked you better than the "professional" you have so much talent.

    I want to book you for all my important family don't mind setting your life aside for ME now do you ;)