Trash to Treasure: Two Dollar Table




All right, I’m a ding-dong.  Well, that goes without saying I suppose.  Somehow I have lost my before pictures of my two dollar table so this trash to treasure is considerably light on the trashy part and therefore unimpressive.  I can, however, tell you that this table was so icky that the manager of D.I. laughed at the check-out and said, “I never thought we’d sell that table.  I thought we’d have to pay someone to take it.”  Of course I jumped on the opportunity to be PAID for something I wanted, but I shelled out the two bucks anyhow. 


The poor thing was wonky with a couple of screws loose, which I can totally sympathize with, a few adjustments later and all’s well.  The recessed glass top was covered in 80’s stickers and at least a quarter inch of dust.  Goo-gone and it’s gone!  Using what was left of the spray paint I had used on the chairs, it got a fresh, shiny black coat .  To bring out the rope details on the sides, I dug out some very ancient metallic gold rub-on paint with I applied with my mad, artsy skills… my fingertips. 


It fits nicely in between the two chairs and currently has a lovely, all-white floral arrangement in a glass vase on top.  All for less than a Happy Meal on 1/2 price Tuesdays.  Cha-ching!













A little preview of things to come…





  1. Connie said...

    I'm going to have to go to D.I. more often I can see to beat you out of those fantastic deals. I'll be over after Thanksgiving to see what in the world you've got going on. I love the picture frames. Is that going to be in the stairway?? Hmmmm????

  2. The Gooch Family said...

    Fantastic! Looks so great!

  3. ...for all eternity said...

    Looks beautiful! You should take it back to show the guy at DI (or pictures). I LOVE deals. I just found a $150 punching bag for $7.99 (a little used but who cares), $50 dog kennle for $6 (had to scrub it REAL good), 19 cent stuffed animals for doggy to go crazy on, authentic Red Sox coat for baby $1.50. We don't have DI (Salvation army) but we go every Wednesday for half price clothes and books day!!
    My girl wanted to be a pilgrim too but refused to wear the tights I picked out and had an equal tantrum the morning of. She went in jeans.