PCSI: All Hallow’s Eve


Warning:  The following scene may be too graphic for some gourds.  Grower guidance is suggested.



It was a gruesome find beneath the dim porch light.  You would expect monsters, aliens, a princess fairy, transformer, storm trooper, Jedi or two, but never this. 

There was no trick nor treat at the doorstep this Halloween.  An innocent pumpkin lay in bits, the cool blade of the hatchet cleaved his head in two.  Seeds scattered the ground too early for planting.  Surprised horror marked his dying moments as the candle flicked and then went out.





The Sheriff was first to arrive.  He received the call on his radio from P-patch.  A 187 - he knew it wouldn’t be good, they never were.

Despite his rotund physique, the Sheriff worked the case with the utmost care and agility, keeping his eyes wide open for clues.  Time was not on their side, things would get moldy fast.




His partner, a slightly sadistic veteran of the force with a knack for getting his man called in the preliminary report.  He had seen this before.  He knew what needed to be done.  He knew who to look for and he did it all with a grin.





One of the most decorated forensic scientists examined the remains, finding clues everyone else would miss among the chaos.

Collecting that one piece of evidence to permanently can the perpetrator for nothing less than a baked conviction. 

Justice or sweet revenge for the departed is best served cold… with a dollop of whipping cream or vanilla ice cream.




The team continued working into the night, burning candles at both ends.  It was going to be a long one. 




DSC_0084 DSC_0080 DSC_0083



The Perps:  D.J.  (Sheriff),  Miss Is (the Squint) and Devin (the Veteran).  Mom & Dad the lowly victim.




Pictures from the Patch:







Miss Is was rather upset, the hay ride struck and killed her first pumpkin pick that she happened set too close to the road. 



And for the record, the Farmers DO NOT WATCH CSI.  We got the idea from the broken bits of pumpkin along the roadside,

wondering who would smash someone’s Jack-o-Lantern just for the fun of it.  How mean is that?


  1. Connie said...

    Aaaacccccccckkkk, pumpkin killers!!!! LOL

    Palace of Fun raised its head again this morning, chick!! Hahahah


  2. Lora said...

    Very creative, a bit violent but cool ;) Looks like you all had a fun time, CSI or not ;)