Lucky Dog & Lightroom




Meet Lucky, he’s our “adopted” dog we’re babysitting for a year as my sister April travels the world

doing things I only dream (or have nightmares) about doing. 

I live vicariously through her and am happy with that.  


In the meantime, I get to play pet-parent to her pride and joy Mr. Lucky Dog, the inspiration behind WonderMoto.  He’s a blast. 

The Farmers love, LOve, LOVE him and I have to admit it’s nice to have both Lucky and Spike

at my feet while I am home alone all day.  No, don’t jump to conclusions… the Farmers can stay in school.  lol



And how could you not love that?



Or that?  Lucky is ready to please and more than ready for a good round of fetch.



“I’m ready…. ready… ready….  I’m still ready.”




I suppose his patience wore a little too thin. 

It’s dangerous business trying to take pictures with a tennis ball in hand.




But he’s back on his game. 



What concentration!  What perseverance! 




Doesn’t he make your heart melt?  Even if you’re not a dog fan, he makes a great case to be one.




So well behaved is he, except for when he gets the idea in his head

that he needs to be the center of attention.  Like now, as I’m sitting at my desk,

Lucky’s wet nose nudges my arms off the keyboard.



Or I get a big, slobbery kiss when we’re cuddling on the sofa watching t.v.




And that’s when I take a break and we go play ball again until he drops.



Yep, he’s a lucky dog all right.  But we can’t forget about Spike…



Who spent the entire time I played fetch with Lucky contemplating the deeper meaning of life at the edge of the pond.




Deep thoughts like “how many birds can I catch at the feeder”

or “here little fishy, heerreee little fishy.”




Or deeper still, “when will that darn dog go home!”


You gotta love a cat with attitude.  Lucky and Spike are friends actually. 

They tear up the great room going round and around and around the seating

area until they either get yelled at or one of them calls a truce. 

The same thing happens outside, except it’s the trees and they don’t get yelled at. 


Lucky settled himself down in Spike’s bed – that was hilarious,

talk about Goldie Locks’ '”this beds too small”  – we decided it was time to get one of his own. 

They snuggle each other. They bathe each other.  They’re just good buddies who look out for each other.


The strangest thing happened yesterday,

Lucky nudged me out of my seat and headed downstairs to the back door. 

I thought it was an emergency potty run, but instead  I just let Spike in and Lucky was happy.  No potty needed.


Saturday Dave and I went into Petco to get a new bag of dog food.

I remembered what brand, what color of bag, but when we got there we found two green bags.

I called Dev at home and asked him to check for me. 

“What kind of dog is on the front of the package?”

His classic reply,  “I don’t know… a spaghetti dog?” 


I knew exactly what he was talking about.




I hope this makes up for the lack of Lucky updates, April. 

He’s doing just fine and lov’n life… not too much though!  Take care, we miss you!  We love you!







A little side note, I’ve got a new software program that I’m playing with.  It’s Adobes Lightroom 3.  All the pictures went from RAW

camera files to completely processed in less than five minutes.  Heck, it took longer to paste them into this post

and is incredibly faster than what I have been doing. 


For example, the old way:


1. Import RAW  (can’t see the images)

2.  Convert using Camera Raw in CS3.  (10-15 shots max at a time.)

3.  Sync if applicable.

4.  Save as TIFF’s

5.  Edit one by one or batch process (single action) if there are only slight changes.

6.  Save.



New way:


1.  Import RAW into LR

2.  Select similar groupings, adjust and sync.

3.  Slight edit if necessary in LR or more serious stuff in CS3

4.  Export as TIFF’s and JPEG’s.




I have to play around a little more with it before I can make an “educated” decision, but so far so good. 

Need more practice… need more pictures….  need more willing volunteers!


  1. A-train said...

    I Love it, he looks great and plenty happy! Has he really become friends with Spike, if so that´s hilarious.

    Chilling in Santiago and head to La Serena for my first beach time all trip. Can´t wait, I´ll skip through the waves for you and build a sandcastle at low tide for the kids.

    Miss you all!