Football Farewell



The boys in blue, our very own Broncos, won their first and last game of the season.  It was wonderful.  I loved seeing these kids who have worked so hard all season long finally get a win.  Not that winning is everything, but it sure helps. 


The picture below is from the playoff game against the “Green Giants” – quite literally.  D.J. is #61 on defense and needs to take on those… those ogres in front of him.  He got bowled over so many times, but always got back up.  That’s all I could ask for.  It wasn’t only D.J.’s problem either, the whole team seemed to be instantly dwarfed.  Needless to say the Broncos put up a good fight, an honorable fight, and closed the season with a loss on paper and a win in courage and determination.



DJ Defense 1


DJ Football Pic 2

I’m so proud of D.J. – of all the boys – I could burst. 

Junior Lightweight Division next year, bring it on!





  1. Lora said...

    I like watching the YM play football, they play tough but not brutal ;)

    They look great and the amount of courage it takes to stand up to someone bigger than yourself is huge!! Way to go DJ!!

  2. The Gooch Family said...

    Love watching these little guys play! Great video!