She Can Be Taught: Part Deux






My very good friend Lora and her family came to visit Thanksgiving weekend.  It was an overnight stop at our bed & breakfast, but we made the best of the short time we had.  What did we do?  Chat and crochet.


It was last October that Mrs. P taught me how to crochet .  I learned how to chain and started making a scarf and that’s where it ended until now.  These flowers are so cute that I had to learn.

Doing things the hard way right out of the gate, I decided to be an “over-achiever” and do two colors.  Fact is, I messed it up so badly that I made it into a “carnation” to cover up the boo-boo’s.  This wasn’t the teachers fault… it’s all me.


You can dress them up with buttons or other little do-dads of your choosing.  I hot-glued the brown one (I made this afternoon) to an alligator clippie thing so Miss Is can wear it as a barrette or on her hat.  (She made her hat herself, by the way.)


The more you do, the better you get – I still need to make more!  And just in case you want to make them too, I’ve included the recipe below.  Happy Stitching!






Irish Rose Instructions:

Using size H hook, chain 4.  Join the end to the first chain with a slip stitch to form a ring.

Round 1:  (single crochet in the ring, chain 3) six times.  Join the last stitch to the first single crochet with a slip stitch.

Round 2:  (single crochet, chain 1, 3 double crochets, chain 1, single crochet) in each spacecreated by the chain 3.

Round 3:  Now you begin working in the back of the flower you have started creating.  (single crochet around the first spoke, then chain 4) 6 times.  Join last stitch to first with a slip stitch.

Round 4:  (single crochet, chain 1, 5 double crochets, chain 1, single crochet) in each space created by the chain of 4.  Join last stitch to first with a slip stitch and weave in the ends.

You may add another layer of petals by repeating Round 3 increasing the number of stitches in the chain by one.


And when I’m not making flowers, my latest project is a skullcap beanie.  Around and around and around I go…  when will I stop, I don’t know!



Since we’re on the subject, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite places/things.

I really like this one, it’s called the Crochet Spot... she's young and trendy-cool.  Most sites I've come across smell like Grandma, not that it's bad, but the sites are hard to navigate (old-skool web, single links etc.) and a Barbie doll toilet paper cozy isn't exactly on my high priority list.



Crochet Couture; that's what this one is all about.  It's aptly named.  Stitch Diva





And if I'm good enough to ooze with sass and style, I’d make these… Don’t you love them?



Okay, I fell in love again - I haven't fallen this much since learning how to do an axel on ice skates -  LOVE THESE!!!!!!!  I have to get good enough to make one, I just have to. So awesome!






Do you crochet?  What is your favorite thing to make?  Will you share?  Link a picture of your favorite project in the comments!



  1. Lora said...

    Ok I will see if I can link this???? You know I am REALLY stretching here ;) I love this apron though and want to make one like it in a bad way....

    I love everything you linked,and Maddy looks so cute, I am glad I could teach you :)

  2. Lora said...

    oops my link is not crochet though....hhhmmm I will have to think. Love all of your links when you get it all down pat we will have to get together and spend lots of time teaching each other ;)