She Can Be Taught

Crochet 1

Ms. Donna of Raspberry Kisses, has been ever so kind to teach this old dog how to do something Great Aunt Irene gave up on – how to crochet. Being a southpaw was a bit of a challenge, but everything worked its way out with only one brain-bending episode. Crocheting has always set in my mind as something I couldn’t do, afraid to do, too tricky for my chickpea-sized brain to comprehend and my fine motor skills (not driving) to complete. Not anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m making a scarf for Miss Is in her school colors. Two chains down, fifty or so to go. I can do it!!!

Dive down, pull it around, loop it through one loop, pull it around, loop it through two loops, dive down, pull it around, loop it through one loop, pull....

Crochet 3


  1. mandbrid said...

    Good luck with your new Hobby...It can get pretty addicting!

  2. nevertheless said...

    I still think that the picture with the artist is not so bad. You get to see yourself and in another twenty years you will be saying I want that body back...remeber when my bones weren't so hair wasn't that grey...I was so hot...Keep up the good work. Come over any time and we will get her done.