Two weeks have passed and where have I been? Good question. Was I ever really gone? That depends on your perspective. What bits I have left rattling around upstairs has been divided every which way, Chaos was left out.

This weeks Treasure Hunt Tuesday is all about perspective and luckily for you, not introspective dribble summing up crazy. Without further nonsense…

Apple 2

Apple 4

Rotten to the core.

Hot Wheels Woody

If cars were only $0.98 at Wal-Mart.

AphidThere’s always something smaller.

Aphid 2 Life as an aphid nymph.

Bee WorkingWorking for a living.

Bee-hindIt goes straight to the thighs, doesn’t it?

Blade of Grass

A single blade of grass.

Ladybug 1Thorny business.

Ladybug 2

Living on the edge.

RosebudFor a sweet chickadee.

Dandelion 6

Waiting for the wind.

Dandelion 9

On make-shift wings.

Dandelion 11 Infection or life?

Butterfly 1

God’s own church windows.

Butterfly 5

Butterfly 6

Butterfly 7

This one came out blurry, but there’s just something about it that I like.

Maple Maple 3



Wasp 2Evil. Pure, brightly colored crowns of evil.

Spider 1Miss Muffets unwanted company.

Spider Leg Webbing Beautiful the snares of death.

Spider 2 b Spider Fangs 3 Close enough to kiss.

The farmers helped me out yesterday afternoon and feared for my life as I took these photos. I finally had to tell Miss Is to stop yelling at me and go back in the house if she was scared. It was nerve-wracking to keep my ‘eye’ on Satan’s Spider, I thought he’d get peeved enough to do something about it. Honestly, I was quite daring considering one buzzing bee sting could either make my life very miserable or at worst, end it with a gasping whimper. Who thought backyard hobby photography could be so dangerous?

Two Bees 2

Two Bees


  1. Tia said...

    Stacey, your pictures are amazing!! I am extremely impressed!!

  2. mandbrid said...

    The pictures are incredible Stacey! Although I've got goose bumps all over now...SCARY!!!

  3. ...for all eternity. said...

    Once again, beautiful! I love how close you can get with your macro photos. I'm just using a little point-and-shoot that doesn't let me get that close. Some day I'll get a camera that lets me do more! sigh.............I love all of them!

  4. nevertheless said...

    Seriously! Do you you think that I would be a better photographer if I had a better camera? Josh says it doesn't count if you have to explain your picture with words. Some how I don't think I couldn't do it without them. There is a Monday night class at the Rec Center too... Beautiful pics Stacey!

  5. nevertheless said...

    Perhaps I may have put too many negatives in that sentence...once again having to explain myself...with words.

  6. young family said...

    Finally!! I was going through some serious Stacey withdrawals :)

    The spider pictures gave me the heeby geebies and I wasn't the one taking the picture, was it one of those nasty spiders that shake their web when you get too close? YUCKY but very cool all in one. I love them all once again.

    Ok question, do you have different lenses also? Next question how do you get your photoshopped pics on your blog? I know I know, I need to take a class or check out more books at the library :) I'm such a needy friend.

  7. Connie said...

    Only if you paint the chain link fence white and glue gun pink ribbon roses on it, sweet chick!!

    Those are outstanding pix and I love the reeeeeeeally close up ones of the beasts.......uuuuhhhhhh, not the farmers, the beasties!! LOL


  8. Tina said...

    gorgeous pics, Emma's aunt again! Oh my heck, this makes me want to get a better camera . . . . but I'm sure it's more than the camera, you've got the eye!