Our House of ROCK

A couple of weeks ago, after months in the making, we threw a Rock Band Costume Party. It was an opportunity to be something we’re not or little bit of who we really are in good fun whether we can wail or not. Sadly, after watching the playback, my suspicions were confirmed. The sound of nails on a chalkboard is preferred over my vocal lack of talent.

Mirror ball, mood-lighting, multiple cases of Henry Weinhards (root beer, thank you very much) and loads of terrific food made a great backstage area while waiting for the next, kick-biscuit rocker. Upstairs in the theater room, a stage with ‘real’ instruments and a mic, flashy lights, fog and 106 inches of Xbox gaming heaven. Including a camera to share the moments downstairs via live feed .

There were many memorable performances, but the boys’ rendition of “Need More CowbellDon’t Fear the Reaper, took the Devil’s Food cake of the evening.

Ms. W’s knock-out Eye of the Tiger.

Ms. P’s “special” backup singers for Brass in Pocket.

Diva Specklefishes mic-tossing tantrum at being accidently interrupted; her Dirty Little Secret.

Blackened brought out the head-bangers in us all.

Three Angi in one place.

Ms. Donna’s Move Along moved us all to light our cell phones.

Mr. M’s More Than A Feeling, always a house favorite.

I think we were all transported back as we all belted out Bon Jovi’s Live’n on a Prayer. One of those moments in high-school when all your friends were in the car, the radio blaring out the latest hit and everyone busted loose. Twenty-six rockers in all and it didn’t even fill the house. (I apologize to those I didn’t get pictures of.)

It was so much fun, I think it might be a new tradition! What say ye?

Rockband Rockers

More Cowbell meets Goth-Rock Girl. Performances: Master Exploder and Our Truth.

Rockband Rockers P's 80’s Babe and 90’s Grunge. Performances: Brass in Pocket and Don’t Fear the Reaper.

Rockband Rockers E's A little rock and roll. Performances: Round and Round and Enter Sandman.

Rockband Rockers W's blk WAAaaaAHHHHH, YeeeeAAAHH. Performances: Eye of the Tiger and Blackened

Rockband Rockers M's

Cindy Lauper and Angus Young 4EVR. Performances: Ballroom Blitz and More Than A Feeling

Rockband Rockers B's

Feeling Groovy, Baby. Performance: Any Way You Want It

Rockband Rockers S's

Sweet and Funky. Performance: Round and Round

Rockband Rockers H's

The Dude and the ‘52. Performances: Should I Stay or Should I Go and Roam

Rockband Rockers W's Billy and his uber-cool wife. Performances: White Wedding and Wanted Dead or Alive

Girls Rock'n

Who says girls can’t rock? We got the beat!

Guys Rock'n

Boys and their toys. Xbox Rocks.


  1. young family said...

    UuUuUmMmMm............... I am not cool enough to be your friend. You have completely blown me away :) Looks like fun, sounds like fun and I am sure it was fun! If you get any more awesome I am afraid I might not ever be worthy to stay at your house :)

    Love the costumes!!

  2. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Rock On! You really know how to throw a shindig! Fun times had by all!Looking forward to many more!

  3. nevertheless said...

    You Rule! Who brought that artichoke dip we neeeeeeeeeeed the recipe.