Treasure Hunt Tuesday

Wow, it’s actually Tuesday this time! I suppose getting in just before the buzzer is better than too early, though it goes against my motto of Never Be Late.

This weeks theme was FALL/HARVEST, my favorite time of year.

I got up Thursday morning when I didn’t have to, the Farmers had a five day weekend and there was no real need to wake them up so I gave the oldest Farmer his cell and told him I’m gonna take some pictures; I had a hunch the sunrise would be incredible.

Yellows, oranges, browns, crimson… I suppose it’s the number one reason why I love fall. These pictures were taken just down the road. It’s all about aperture and a steady hand, I did not touch these with Photoshop, they’re proudly SOOC. (Straight out of the camera)

Farm Sunrise 1

Farm Sunrise 2

Farm Sunrise 4

Irrigation Ditch 1

LIght Rain Above is a picture of a nova class sun star five hundred light-years away. Théoden Centauri is that blue little dot to the right. This camera has awesome zoom. I can at least pretend…

All those dark cloud brought rain, another big plus on why I love fall. I miss the rain, long for the rain, worship the rain… the rain-maker I should say. I tried really hard to take a night shot; this is the best I got under our streetlamp. Try, try again.

Umbrella 1 Dark Clouds 3

Dark Clouds 4

I call this these “Bits of Blue”. For the last few days we’ve been bombarded with thunderstorms and heavy rains. I’m in heaven!

Raindrops Pile of Leaves DSCF0042 Yellow Leaf 3 Flower & Burning Bush

After Sunday’s final session of General Conference, we took a walk along the greenbelt to stretch our legs. Of course I grabbed the camera to document the fall day! There was an abundance of “wildlife” to capture. The Farmers were quick to point out everything that moved and panicked when I couldn’t get there fast enough to shoot it. D.J. kept track of the number of critters we came across; two fish, three cats, eleven dogs and a hundred-million ducks.

Duck Head 3

Duck Happy Cat on Trail Orange Tabby on Trail No, that’s not our cat Spike but a close cousin, the Farmers were sure of it.

Hot Pink Flower Closeup

Pink Flower Closeup

Leaf and Grass

I didn’t set up the yellow leaf picture above, I found it in perfection. Doing these Treasure Hunts has opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t ordinarily see. This is currently my desktop background and I love it! I’m allowed to say that, right?

Mushroom 4

Mushroom 6

These only pop up in the spring and fall, the summers here are way too hot for ginormous fungi. I tried to spy a faerie, pixie or gnome but they’re camera shy. Maybe all those ducks ate them.


  1. Connie said...

    Whaaaaaaaa.......from your new logo can we assume you have "bats in your belfry"??? Hmmmmmm, chickee????? ;-) I've been accused of that but I can ASSURE my belfry contains only "ROSES"!! Great pix! Love the closeups of the flowers. I had to put on my brakes for some geese crossing the road over on Iowa on saturday...cute.....

  2. mandbrid said...

    Beautiful pictures favorite is the one with green and yellow leaves and drops of water. So...who is "nevertheless"? She has left comments on my blog but the pic is so small I can't tell who it is - and when I click on the username is it marked private. I thought it was Donna at first but now I'm not sure...Please help!

  3. Willie E. said...

    Excellent pics Stacey! Those first few are magnificent!

    I'm pretty sure that black and white cat is similar to the one that is crapping in my yard....I am so going to post it on all the light poles in the neighborhood. "Watch out for this cat who craps in everyone's yard!"

    I like those mallard duck pictures as well. Great job!

  4. Barney Family Blog said...

    Those pics are awesome!!! Really, I wished we lived close by, we need a new family pic taken. Too bad my excellent photographer friend is so far away.

  5. TammyP said...

    WOW!!! You are too good at everything!!! Those pix are so awesome!!

  6. young family said...

    It is scary how you just pick up all these things and you are so awesome at them all, I look forward to your tuesday photos and I am looking forward to seeing what you are crocheting :)

    You never did tell me what camera do you use? Jackie wants a better camera really bad, but I am not sure what to even look for.

    My favorite photo is the puddle with the rain drops and I love the mushrooms also.

    I also like the sunrise photos, that is my favorite time to go for a walk, it is an amazing way to wake up ;)

  7. ...for all eternity. said...

    Once again...BEAUTIFUL!

  8. ...for all eternity. said...

    oh, that's what the sun looks like when it comes up! Something Donna and I will probably never see (unless we just don't ever go to bed)!

  9. nevertheless said...

    I do believe I have seen a sunrise, thank you very much, though it happened just like she said - from the backside of it...My favorite is the yellow leave with the amazing green grass all around it. Good Job!