Treasure Hunt Tuesday is all about priorities, however mixed up mine may be.

The Farmers; always priority number one. I would never have so much chaos to enjoy without them.

Devin Closeup shot BW copy

DJ Closeup BW

Maddy Closeup Tramp BW

After the famers, the remaining rungs on the importance ladder interchange depending on whatever else happens to push and shove its way into my schedule. Sometimes I just need more time. I get the feeling of constantly living in the eleventh hour, unable to accomplish a single task or enjoy those fleeting moments that are supposed to make this thing called life worthwhile.


If I took a break and filled my cup more often.

Scriptures bed 2

If I took comfort in more than just parchment and ink.

Scripture Print Sephia

If I could just sit down at the keys and let my soul sing without stumbling and struggling through melodic passages, without frantic pecking to find the right notes to perform someone else’s song. To remember that I have my own and that its waiting to be found.

Piano Keys

If the requirements and necessities could be improved upon. If there were a little more joy in the most mundane of tasks.



Priorities and perspective, sometimes they’re one and the same.


  1. Willie E. said...

    Those B/W pics are great Stacey. I like the others of scriptures too! It reminds me of the into to Star Wars.... "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."