Carnage Orange

Orange Guts 2

This year the farmers made gourd creations completely on their own thanks to those extremely dull, pumpkin carving tool and scraper. Well worth the buck-fifty at Wal-Mart.

Devin Scrapping

Devin Pumpkin

Devin scrapped from the inside until it was thin enough to see through, no sharp objects involved unless a spoon is now considered a lethal weapon in the hands of a twelve year old.


DJ Pumpkin

D.J. added horns and an evil spider on the side of his pumpkins cheek. Apparently, that spider from a couple of weeks ago has seared into his memory.


Maddy Pumpkin

Those are ears on the side of Miss Is’ pumpkin, she told me so several times. “It has to have ears, Mom or else it won’t hear the trick-or-treaters coming.” She has also been reciting Five Little Pumpkins over and over and over again. Ironically, I’ve found it to be a right of passage for all Kinders; my baby girl is growing up.

Stacey Pumpkin

I thought I’d be brave this year and try something new. I took the photo tweaked for the October header and tried to reproduce it. It looks more like a bad version Picasso would make and chuck in the trash. I should have added hair, but I didn’t quite know how to do it - to do any of it really.

I should consult the professionals.

Daddy Pumpkin

Dave had time this year to carve out his usual spider and webbing, though you can’t see it in the photos. Until next year, pumpkins beware.

DSCF0007A little blast from the past. Halloween, 2001 Newberg OR.


  1. young family said...

    I love it!! We need to try that some time. We have been so crazy busy I haven't even taken pictures of our pumpkins, that is on my to do list.

    Love the blast from the past too.