The Ree’son I’m So Giddy



Okay… I don’t even know where to begin other than just admitting – straight up – that I’m a fan-girl.  A big PW fan-girl.  If you’re in the know, then you know who I’m talking about.  If not, you will be. 


I’m not much for entering in whatever flavor of the moment contests or drawings the world-wide web has to offer, that’s not me.  There is always a borderline healthy and yet sometimes tragic veil of doubt swirling like water vapor off of a piping hot cup of cocoa in whatever I do.  The space between humility and the ugly truth is hard to find.  It’s good, it’s not-so-good, better try again, give it up and girl… this just sucks. 


I’ve been really busy on the photography side of things, sessions that I haven’t posted are backlogged and will probably not make it – at least on this site.  There has been a recent upward swing of downs lately that I was really lost in the thick of it, a shower room of doubt and frustration if you will.  Prints gone poopy, calibration chaos and enough techno-acronym babble to make the opthamalically blessed go cross-eyed with a slight tick of Tourettes.


I happened to be in a que sera, sera attitude the other night and while visiting one of my usual haunts I decided to send in two submissions to PW’s Holiday Bokeh  photo pool knowing that my two little shots would be in a virtual sea of thousands of wonderful work I only hope of someday attaining.  “There, it is done” and I went on my merry way.


Saturday evening I got a chance to sneak away and peek online.  This is what I found.







It was an after Christmas, Christmas present.  Miz commented on my picture…  wow!  Miz, PW’s photo cohort and snap-happy extraordinaire.  I couldn’t believe it!  I love her style and practical, vanilla explanations of spumoni that any ice cream lover can understand and appreciate without the use of an “Everyday Italian” dictionary.  Wow…


This evening I got another unexpected wow.  WOW! 



That’s me!!  On Ree’s site, The Pioneer Woman herself,  flanked by a gingerbread boy and sleeping beauty.  My leaf bokeh I took in the backyard after our sledding trip.  Just a snap and other than the fact I liked it, I never thought anything more.  Utterly breathtaking!  No way.  NO WAY….  See, I’m giddy.  Full-on, valley girl, OMGosh, about to burst giddy. 


Just thought I’d tell you… 


  1. mandbrid said...

    YAY!!!!! I am SO excited for you!!! I used to follow PW religiously - but haven't the last few months....I'm going to have to make a stop over there today and take a look! Whooohoooo Stacey! I always said you had "skills"!

  2. TammyP said...

    EVERYONE says you have 'skills'!!! I'm so glad that someone you admire thinks so too!!! I go to PW often and am ashamed I never wander on over to the photography section. I'm always looking @ food, I know, I know.... me interested in food..... CRAZY!!! Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  3. Lora said...

    I follow TammyP in the we have been telling you that you are amazing.....I think I type that word a ton for and I will do it more ;)

    I love PW and sadly I hardly check the photography but I will and I will have Jackie check it too

    If I could do Hand stands for you I would (do you know that song?)

    Yay STACEY!!

  4. Connie said...

    I NEVER EVER had a doubt about your skills, sugar, only YOU did. Fantastic, even though I've never heard of her. I'll go visit I promise.

  5. A-train said...

    Does it just run in the fam or what, I couldn't have said it better myself - "There is always a borderline healthy and yet sometimes tragic veil of doubt swirling like water vapor off of a piping hot cup of cocoa in whatever I do."

    A beautifully written giddy post and even better shots. Way to go Sis! I keep thinking as I travel and continue to see amazing sights that you would love to be here shooting these scenes and would and could (cause you got super skills) do them far more justice than I ever could.

    Keep up the awesomeness and start believing in yourself a little more!

    PS ¡Felíz año nuevo!