The Things You Find

Dark Load

So I’m doing laundry today among other things and tossed the first dark load into Jetsam so he can work his magic. While sifting through the stink, I came across a pair of Devin’s jeans.

Devins Jeans

Notice the sock still jammed up in there? The built-in belt elastic? Is that all that seems a bit off about this picture? Is there anything else a mom should be wary of? Undies maybe?

PocketIt looks innocent, doesn’t it?

Wrappers Busted!

Wrappers 1

And yet there’s more.

Wrappers 2 Oh my gosh! It just keeps coming.


And what in tar nation is this!! Is my sweet baby boy doing lines of Smarties?

Mint Apparently his drug of choice does not include mint discs.

Contents Seriously. I need to call a rehab center and fill him up with veggies, whole grains and at least three-a-day of dairy. This explains his spastic behavior, shifty eyes, the drool running down his chin. At least he’s trying to stop, look at the cracker wrappers to counter-act a potential overdose.

Dark Sock Yuck, something else I don't want to stick my hand in.

In all seriousness, I hope that I’m raising my children right. To educate them on the dangers of drugs and that using them is not an option. As enticing as users make it seem, it would only lead down a broken road of heartache and despair. I hope my children know how much I love them, how much I’m there for them and that they can come to me for anything, no matter how bad they think it is. As far as dirty laundry… they can start doing their own!


  1. Willie E. said...
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  2. TammyP said...

    THAT IS SO FUNNY!!! Before I even read what you said something about the pix of the metal, that is what I was thinking......he's starting on the soft stuff better watch him.

  3. young family said...

    Tayler came home with a weight ya know the little gram ones, I was trying to not freak out. If he didn't still say the inocent things he says I might be more concerned.

    I am alway pulling wrappers out of pockets, and it is only Tayler. Drives me crazy!!