Treasure Hunt Tuesday

Footbridge, Celebration Park 009

Bridges! This one is from my personal archive. It was taken using my caveman camera last April. The bridge was built in the mid-1800’s for the railroad, nowadays it finds usefulness as a footbridge crossing the Snake River at Celebration Park.

Bridge 2Creekview

The greenbelt bridge, the first of four if you start from the south entrance. Sometimes the view from the bridge is better than the bridge itself. There is a small step-down on the other side, but I was unable to get a shot even though I found myself hanging onto a branch and leaning across the water, shooting blind and hoping for the best. Needless to say, I was neither wet or successful.

Bridge 4

I was half-expecting a hideous, troll-wizard guy to appear out of no where and ask me "What is your name?", "What is your quest" and "What is your favorite color?" Thankfully that didn’t happen, though I was wondering about those fluffy little farm animals on the other side. Instead I noticed that birds were flying in and out of the crossbeam hollows; a penthouse with spectacular waterfront views if you don't mind the elephants tromping across every now that again.

Bridge builder

The makers of such fine, aesthetically unobtrusive bridges.

Bridge 6

A private bridge that the property owners put in to access the trail. Much better than our “Hokey Bridge” we built crossing our creek frontage.



One of the many bridges at a local park.


If you’re daring enough to tippy toe across the mud.

Grandma Maddy

On a more thoughtful note, bridging 85 years. Great Grandma Isabel (90) and my Miss Is (5).


  1. Connie said...

    Is this on our local greenbelt, sweetpea?!?! I've never walked it but have walked the one down Iowa near the dentist and chiropractor's office when we were letterboxing. That was a neat one also.

  2. ...for all eternity. said...

    I'd love to take the apple but not needed. I just love that you play along! We've had the flu sweeping though our abode and this is the 1st I've been able to check your post. It's beautiful. Is this back by Iowa st. (and those dentist offices)?
    Just remember, try not to kill yourself by hanging off bridges. I'd hate to think I had anything to do with loosing my best student!