Lessons in What Not to Do

The eight year old son of some friends of ours has an important day coming up next week and I was asked to trudge along and ‘do my best’ to be a photographer. Yeah, I’m laughing on the inside too or is it crying? Either way there are tears! These are a few snaps I was lucky enough to get. I learned a lot about aspect ratio, dpi and size. Not to mention a few picture do’s and don’ts. Trial and error, when time and money are weighted in the back of my mind, isn’t exactly an ideal way to learn though the experience paid off and hopefully for the better. They say that patience is a virtue, I’m still behind the curve.

Below is the invite, minus the text of course, that the E’s sent out.

Invite no text

The original shot in black and white.

Gage Lake BW

Gage Tree 1 BW

Gage Tree 2 BWV

Gage Closeup BW

He was such a good sport and braved the chilly morning air; red nosed, frozen fingers and all.



Gage Sil Lensflare

And no, I did not add the lens flare. Did I mean for it to happen… sure did. This picture came out a lot better than my less-than-professional or even amateur skills could possibly warrant.

Thanks for giving me the chance to learn!


  1. Willie E. said...

    You did great Stacey so give yourself some well deserved credit. The invites are signed, sealed and delivered. We couldn't have done it without you, that's for sure. Thanks for being a great photographer and an invite we will never forget. We learned a lot too...give yourself more time and 411 doesn't always get you permission!

  2. Connie said...

    I agree with Willie; you did a fantastic job, honey! Now you can come and teach me some skills!! Thanks for the pecan pie. It was good! Jack ate almost all of it.

  3. Tina said...

    WOW, love the pics! You do great work. . . . found your blog through my sweet niece Emma . . . . daughter of Lora.

  4. young family said...


    You are scary good at everything I have seen you do, boy do I miss you!! The pictures are amazing!! I love them and I love the idea, very cute.

    I am still working up the nerve to take a picture and try and do anything with it :) I will do it sometime, I just have to think about these kinds of things first, I can't just copy you :)

    Once again, love, love,LOVE the pictures!!

  5. ...for all eternity. said...

    These are beautiful!! and !!!! How did you do the 1st one? Did you do it with layers in Photoshop???