Pie Party

Tuesday the girls and I got together and took the Thanksgiving battle to the plate – the pie plate that is. Making pies ahead of time can save your sanity when the to-do list of turkey dinner gets out of control. From the freezer to your oven and only ten minutes added to the baking time.

We used two different recipes for the crust. One was the usual and the other felt like Play-doh. Some of us got a little too excited over the smooth texture. You know who you are.

Peach Just Peachy Pie.

AppleAwesome Apple

Mock Pecan Mock Pecan One and Mock Pecan TwoMock Pecan 2

What makes a mock pecan pie mock? Legumes, of the Pinto variety. Beans, the magical fruit. One heaping cup of mashed, pre-cooked pinto beans, butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar and two eggs. That’s it.

What’s the difference between Pie I and Pie II? You can either add the pecans before baking or after the first 25 mins. of baking. It’s just to really sell the con that it is a homemade, southern style pecan pie.


With the leftover dough, I made cupcake sized tart shells. I think they might end up being either lemon meringue or something involving chocolate, caramel and whipping cream.

Can’t wait for dessert! And stop singing that toot song!


  1. young family said...

    :) What if I like to sing :) Too funny.

    So you bake them the normal amount and then on Thanksgiving bake them another 10? I guess I will be glad we are going to someone elses house and we don't have to do the turkey and all the stuffings, just some of the stuffings :)

    Good idea though.

  2. Connie said...

    I ain't seen nuuuuuuu pie sittin' on my front porch, honey pie!!!