Turkey Bowl

Stake Turkey Bowl

This year our stake threw together a last minute Turkey Bowl. It was cold, a few snowflakes fell and the “boys” were ready to play.

Dave Chris after play

The larger lads were told that they would be needed as lineman; defending the quarterback, clearing the way or making life difficult for the opposing ward by their sheer size and muscle. No constant running involved, just stand there, snarl and look tough.

Dave Ball

Yeah, right. Dave is ready to de-flag the receiver.

Blaine & Lane block

Same ward, different teams. Blaine gets a tooshy-touch from Lane.

Blaine's Boss

Watch out, coming through!

Dave Ground

I missed the spectacular, body-sacrificing, leaping catch.

Dave Wrangler & Lane Block

Again, same ward, different teams. We had a great turn out that made up the difference of the no-show ward we were scheduled to play against.


Devin didn’t know what to think about all those old* men running around the field, huffing and puffing, giving each other high-fives after lame* plays. (*His words, not mine.)


Little Landon sat on my lap the entire game while his dad played. That’s my arm and my fluffy white marshmallow vest you see behind him.

Kiaya 3

Miss. K is a seasoned spectator.

Reese 1 copy

Reese is ready to play.

Reese Selah copy

Unfortunately, his sister will have to do.


Maybe someday he’ll get to play with the real boys of Boise State.


  1. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Too bad the pictures don't show the aches and pains the day after. That was a fun game. Even for those of us who don't play that often.

    Those are some cute kids too!