Summer Family Movie Festival

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Continuing to kick off our first official week of summer, the Farmers and I attended the movie Shrek The Third at our local Regal Cinema for free. We arrived twenty minutes early and snatched up the seats near the middle of the middle. There were lots of moms, even more farmers and a few dads too. The movie was just a predictable and corny as the first time I saw it but it didn’t seem to matter, the point was that we were out of the house, not fighting and all for the cost of gas in the Focus for the five minute trip, definitely a penny-pinching way to have a good time. Next week’s shows; Jonah - A Veggie Tale Movie (personal fave) and Bee Movie.

Visit the link below to find more information:

Regal Cinemas


  1. Barney Family Blog said...

    I love hearing about all your bargains. I am remember that you were great at finding a good bargain!Love the pic of Eden too. Let us know when you settle there, we'll follow suit! I love Eden, not to mention the nice close distance to pine View for some boating on the Lake.

  2. Forever Young said...

    I wish I was there to enjoy them with you. We only have one more day of school left, YAHOO!! Then the fun really begins :) I wish!!:)

  3. mandbrid said...

    Farmers, eh? That's cute...where did it come from?

  4. Stacey said...
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  5. Forever Young said...

    I LOVE going to the movies!!! Summer time is here FINALLY!!!!