Sign of the Times

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(Ushering in the Second Coming one idiot at a time.)

Overall, I think I’m a pretty level-headed person and keep most of my soapbox moments to myself. Speaking to throngs of ridiculously dressed listeners with an added I.Q. of a sea sponge is much easier in my warped little mind than what reality will ever be. I received this little nugget of things to come and my brain nearly exploded from the (insert your favorite expletives) stupidity of it.

To preface what you’re about to witness for yourselves; this is REAL! A.B.C. (Australian Broadcasting Company) has made a “irreverent website” to assess when you, your spouse, or our children should die to save the planet; that a good person is a dead person and we should sacrifice ourselves for the betterment of all God’s Mother Earth’s lowly creatures. (God? Who needs religion?")

The pocket-padding ‘green’ movement has officially crossed the line from being a rational, concerted effort for protecting the environment to a Green Gestapo. I suppose I should calm down and have a laugh about it... yeah, right. Put on some calming music, get a bowl of your favorite ice cream, run a bubble bath or just get a bucket of bleach water and a towel to clean up the mess.

Planet Slayer Greenhouse Calculator

F.Y.I. Should've drunk a bottle of Drano back in March of 1977 at the ripe old age of 3 years and 7 months. Forgive me for cursing the world with my presence…


  1. Forever Young said...

    I ummmmm don't know what to say about all this crazy stuff. I am kind of shocked, by people and there ideas. That is insane. I am a glad that you didn't drink drano along time ago though :)

    Did you say some one sent that to you? Or did you just find it? YUCK!!

  2. Stacey said...

    Dave had a friend back in good'ol Oregon send it to him. I usually don't go looking of things to melt my brain!

    Yeah, me too... Drano probably tastes nasty and besides, how can I plan on going to Outer Darkness if I don't know who's coming with me! You're still holding a ticket, right? BFF !! lol


  3. Forever Young said...

    I have nice ticket, with my name printed on it and everything :) Don't worry we are still in this together :)