Peeping Through My Fingers

(Movie Poster or Fantasy Romance Novel Cover-Art?)

Scraping the bottom of the barrel in our quest to give our Farmers a taste of what movies were like when we were kids, I thought they might enjoy Clash of the Titans. As a timid seven year old, this wet-my-pants movie gave me nightmares for months.

The cursed son of a young Prof. McGonagall, horned lizard-dude Calibos, lived in my closet and I'd swear a thousand oaths and grandma's oatmeal cookies that Medusa would come slithering down the hall and into my bed. My dresser, belonging to the generations girls' bedroom set in cream with gold-trimmed French Provincial, was angled just so along the wall in case the cold-blooded rattler showed up. I would even shield my eyes, peeping through my fingers so that I wouldn't turn to stone while watching the movie.

My mom had the hots for Perseus; the white linen, loincloth wearing, tan enough to make George Hamilton look pale, Harry Hamlin. I, on the other hand, was accused of harboring a "special interest" in the Kracken despite hiding behind the couch during his impressively destructive scenes. Although, I did want to be as beautiful as the grecian princess, Andromeda and have a Pegasus for my very own, wishing that one would drink by the full-moonlight from Bonney Lake, a short jaunt through the wood.

(No, this is not me in the morning!)

After loads of convincing with promises of much smiting and gruesome monsters, the Farmers agreed to watch. I even fessed up to my childhood trauma, leaving myself wide open for ridicule. We all settled down with bowls of popcorn into the great room and streamed the movie off of Netflix Watch it Now feed.

With it being one of the last school-nights, we stopped the movie after Miss M's head was whacked off by Perseus' blinged-out sword of the Gods. (It just oozes sparkly cheese.) The boys had a good laugh and I was yet again peeping through my fingers in shame while listening to cracks like "you were scared of that!" or "that looked sooo fake, nobody would ever think that was real" and finally Maddy's brilliant deduction of "you can't turn to stone over the t.v. mom!" - eye rolls included.

When the razzing subsided, Dave asked if they wanted to finish the movie tomorrow night and was met by a resounding "Yes!" By 10 p.m. my nightly, slightly O.C.D. ritual of locking the doors and checking them twice and tucking the Farmers in safe and sound, I found both Devin and D.J. snoozing in the same bed and Maddy had snuck downstairs, curled up on my bedroom floor. Look who's being silly now!

On a side note, if this movie were to be remade (like what movie hasn't been through the mill lately) it could be very cool, a la LotR's, Star Wars and Narnia. The story is there... lets just not have Mr. Lisa Rinna reprise his breakout role. Hmm, who could? Any suggestions?


  1. Forever Young said...

    I am racking my brain for memories of Clash of the titans...... and I am coming up empty :( :) Not sure if I should smile or frown, from your description though I think I will smile. I watched a lot of movies through my fingers and I still do, it drives George crazy.

    I can't answer you question. Sorry I have no imagination, remember.

    Maybe we should check out this movie and see if I can have some nighmares. I am Legend was the last peek through fingers movie i watched and I don't really care for the nightmares that follow. I am kind of a baby :)