And So It Begins…

As of noon today, the Farmers are officially out of school, marking the end of what little sanity I had. But never fear, a plan has been activated and with any luck should go as follows.

  1. Chores: Rooms clean, beds made and household assignments completed before the Cocoa Krispies turn to mush.
  2. Practice Makes Perfect: Dev has his trumpet and all three Farmers will be learning to tink on the piano though not all at once…
  3. Read! 30 mns. minimum, including Miss. Is. Chapter reports are given verbally.
  4. Homework: Yeah, I’m evil. I’ll be dishing out all sorts of worksheets on all sorts of subjects.
  5. Pool Time: Now that the pools is finished, daily dips @ 11am. if all of the above requirements are met.
  6. Kids Movie Festival: Every Tues/Wed. free kid movies all summer long @ Regal Cinemas.
  7. Tennis: They all love it.
  8. Bike the Belt: Once a week at least; the boys could use the exercise and Maddy needs the practice.
  9. Float Our Boat! Tubing, Knee and wake boarding. Oh, and fishing too.

School starts August 20th… that’s 2 months, 15 days, and 18 some odd hours, not that I’m counting or anything!

How are you saving your sanity?


  1. Forever Young said...

    Sanity???? Wuz that?

    Ummmm our summer begins June 12th from there we have girls camp, scout camp, swim lessons, drivers license to get and a permit to get, and whatever gets thrown in with that crazy mix we will do.

    I do have a trip planned to Utah the second week in August, so unless gas prices just keep a climbing (which I am afraid they will) we will come see you in August, YAHOO!!

    I wish you luck with your list of organized summer activities :)

  2. TammyP said...

    That is exactly what I need to do!!! My kids need a schedule. AND I think I need one more. I could blogsurf all day!!