Tears and Tap

(The Divine Miss Is! )

Maddy had her very first dance recital last night which could be the first of many as much as she loves to dance. Is and I started getting ready, as us girls like to do, an hour before we had to leave for the recital hall while Daddy snoozed in bed.

"Why isn't Daddy getting ready?" she asked while I held a very hot curling iron near the crown of her head.

With a roll of my eyes and a roll of the iron I answered as best I could, "Because boys get to do those types of things when girls are busy getting pretty."

The thing about Rapunzel hair is that not only is it long with flowing cascades of locks but it hides a clever five year old's sins. Gum, jam, goobery-grossness I don't want to even imagine where or how in got into her hair, run in's with scissors, white out, raisins saved for later, Playdoh, My Little Pony combs.... It wasn't until I started putting on her 'stage make-up' that I discovered the most recent, self-inflicted disaster - SCISSORS!

"Did you cut your bangs?" I eyed her, sparkles and all. "Did you?"

On cue, she burst into tears that ruined the make-up I spent the last ten minutes on and ruined my resolve for getting after her too hard. "They kept getting into my eyes - and I couldn't see - so I cut them - so I could see - with the scissors - you - cut them - last time - I couldn't see."

I ended up lightly scolding her, this was after all the first time she's ever played beautician on anything other than Barbie. She gave me a hug and said she was sorry; that was enough. The giant who had been sleeping in the next room heard the simpering sniffles then added his two cents which started her tears all over again when he learned of his daughter's bold initiative. Another ten minutes and we were dry enough to reapply the eyeshadow and mascara. "This is why girls get ready so early."


  1. mandbrid said...

    TOO CUTE! She looks so adorable dancing...I've gotta get Bronz into something like that.

  2. Forever Young said...

    That is sooo COOL!!! You tell her i said so!I used to dance too! it's alot of fun!=)Those outfits were so cute!!


  3. Forever Young said...


    I can not believe how grown up she looks. All that beautiful hair I can hardly believe you found all those "treasures" hidden in there :)

    Too bad about the tears, but you covered it up well :) I would have never known.