Lobster, Tomatoes and Candy Canes?

Sounds like something you’d pay a few Ben Franklins for at a swanky, seaside restaurant in December, right? After all, a delicious bowl of hot, steamy lobster bisque topped with curls of aged parmesan cheese and a warm baguette of freshly baked sourdough could take the winter chill off Jack Frost himself. I just can’t imagine, however, candy canes headlining the dessert menu. So what do these three edibles have in common?


As in; “Honey, you’re back is lobster red.” or “You’re shoulders look like tomatoes.” and “You have a ‘happy face’.” My personal favorite a la Charity, “See my candy cane stripes?”

No, I’m not gonna show the world my stripes. Just trust me, I got’em in places high, low, and where I thought the sun would never, ever shine. Between the pool, boating, the pool, boating, weeding, pool (repeat at least a dozen times) I’ve gone from a dead ringer of Capt. Ahab’s white whale to a coast guard DANGER buoy.

After spending a few nights drenched in Liquid Ice and lying stock still in bed with the ceiling fan wobbling above, I’ve promised myself to get on the boat – the Banana Boat.


And yes, I do use the kiddie stuff, the more the merrier. I treat it like a can of Aqua Net as a claw-sporting Sevie when doing the Rodger Rabbit during Buttermilk Biscuits would end in a hair disaster of overly dramatic teenage proportions. (don’t laugh, those of you guilty of it too!)

I stocked up for the summer at Costco and made sure that I have a bottle in the boat, in the bag, and in the bathroom. Take that melanoma! Happy summer.


  1. Barney Family Blog said...

    Sun burn is the worst. I am jealous of your boating. Tyler has a boat at the stop of his wish list. Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun though.
    By the way that deal you found on hot dogs and buns is amazing. I wish we has a FM or Albertsons here so I could cash in! thnaks for shring all your penny pinching tips, maybe one of them I'll be able to cash in on.

  2. TammyP said...

    WRITE A BOOK!!! You keep me coming back for more! The way you put your words is enthralling.
    I'm sorry about your burns. You look like you've been in Hawaii.
    Just be careful, you don't want to look like you're made of leather by the time you are 50.

  3. Forever Young said...


    I am so sad that you got burned, are you to the peeling part of the burn now? YUCK!! I hope that you are done burning for the summer.

    If the banana boat stuff doesn't do the trick we really like bullfrog sunblock. We burn really easily now, I am not sure why :) Could it possibly be that I think we are part vampire :) The sun comes out and we all run for shade :)