Go Ahead, Punk.... Make My Day

Marshmallow Gun

Tying in to our Summer Camp Out theme for June’s Enrichment Activity, we made these confectionary contraptions known as Marshmallow guns. The sisters had a blast, quite literally, and fired the mini-marshmallows from one end of the cultural hall to the other without so much as a warning. The first offender, surprisingly enough, was our very own, mild-mannered Relief Society President.

It was neat to hear them giggle and squeal like a bunch of little girls and was a terrific project for the night; easy, instant results and fun.

I plan on making a few of these for the Farmers to take to the Ward Camp Out next weekend ; we must defend our nylon fort from the restless, invading settlers!

They can be decorated with Sharpies, craft paint, and even decoupage if it strikes your fancy. For example, buying a package of camo-napkins at the party store or go girly and use mylar tissue in the wildest hot-pink you can find. You can even make a laser sight if you prefer being a belly-crawling, sniper than no guts - no glory, all or nuth'n Rambo.

Step by step instruction for this and other mallow-guns can be found here.


  1. Forever Young said...

    I love that you were all shooting each other!! Very fun. I haven't ever thought about decorating them before, I guess I better get busy :)