Yummy in the Tummy

(Almonds Joyously & Want S'more's)

Last week I made Raspberry & Key Lime cupcakes for a RS/YW Welcoming Activity. White cake flavored with Key Lime extract and lime zest, filled with raspberry goodness and topped off with Key Lime frosting, a fresh raspberry and more zest for extra zestiness. I think they turned out pretty good despite using whipped frosting; I wouldn't recommend piping that stuff - sure, it's nice and fluffy in the tub but morphs into an unusable, sweet goop if you play with it too much. It doesn't like my room temperature either, best in the fridge. *brain-blast* Maybe I should put the frosting in the fridge before and after piping? Look who's so smart!

Today's baking expedition was brought to you by D.J.'s Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby Bake Sale to raise money for Day Camp. While meandering aimlessly through the aisle of Winco, (it was a rare and blessed occasion, the Farmers weren't with me!) I came up with my latest and maybe not-so-greatest recipes... Almond Joys and S'mores.

I cheated - nothing from scratch here so that means you can do it too! Betty's (gotta love the old bat) Triple Chocolate cake mix and her Whipped Cream (new) and Fudge tub frostings.

The Almond Joys are filled with whipped cream/coconut heaven, slathered with almond frosting, rolled in sweet, angel flaked coconut and decorated with sliced almond flowers sporting semi-sweet chocolate chip centers and sprinkled with finely grated Hersey's milk chocolate.

S'mores have mo-mallow cream centers, fudgy frosting tops with mini mo-mallows and skewered in the side by a graham cracker segment. Honestly, I tried roasting the mini-mallows with my bendy candle lighter... note to self, not too brilliant of an idea. If I had large mallows, broiling them in the oven for a nano-second or two would be perfect; toasted and not a ball of flaming stupidity to warm my common sense by.

Maddy kept asking to help so I put her to work doing what Farmers to best - absolute and total destruction. She enthusiastically smashed, squashed, and pulverized a few graham bars to dust that we eventually sprinkled over the cupcakes to finish them off.

With any luck, they'll be yummy in the tummy and the Cub Scouts won't have to pay so much for camp.

Bake it til' you make it... or your eyebrows singe.


  1. TammyP said...

    I just had one of your S'more cupcakes..... YUMMY!!! What's not to love? It was great! Thanks so much for all of your help tonight!