Derby Day

(The Most Dangerous Car!)

Last night D.J. participated in his first ever Pine Wood Derby. He finally got to build his own car and watch it scream down the track... okay, it didn't scream exactly but it did mosey on down and smelled a few roses before crossing the finish line.

He was so excited to be building his own car that he opted to use the IMD Method (Ignore Mom & Dad) and mounted the wheels himself which lead to his ultimate demise. Slightly disappointed by owning the slowest pine there, D.J. took it all in stride and shrugged off the defeat like a trooper.

Losing - I mean early elimination - does have its benefits. He ate a hot dog, bag of chips, apple soda and a killer, chocolate/chocolate with sprinkles, Costco cupcake that was woofed down in record time. Notice the smudges of chocolate frosting not only on his face but fingers and forearms?

(Derby Dude, D.J.)


  1. TammyP said...

    That cupcake was gone in record time. Tell him if it were a cupcake eating contest, he would take home the biggest trophy there! I'm glad he had a good time.

  2. Forever Young said...

    Tell him I say he won with the coolest looking car that was there! And on our blog yes we did eat the fish.