Getting Our Toes Wet

(She's tan already!)

After mowing the lawn, trimming the edges, pulling a few hundred weeds and cleaning out the second bay of the garage, it was time to pin the hitch and pull the boat from its winter hideaway.

With a lot of help from Devin, we wiped down the inside, swept, and washed the windows; it hadn't been touched since we parked it last fall. The farmers were changed, gooberized with sunscreen and ready to go by the time Dave finished his contract. The motor started right up the second try, giving us the green light to hit the water.

(All bounced out.)

The Farmers Three took a spin on the tube; even Maddy was brave enough to catch some air the first time out. Devin and D.J. however, once little sissy jumped ship, crossed the water like a skipping stone. There were a few times I thought we'd lose them but they clung to the back of the beast for all they were worth with giggles in the belly and a smile on their face. D.J. climbed into the boat and collapsed, "That was fun."

(Yeah, you can tell it's me by those huge, blinding white thighs!)

Next it was my turn to slough off the boring, stay-home mom shell and try to be cool, at least for my farmers. Having strapped the bindings on extra tight, I yelled "up" all the while praying that I wouldn't get a mouth full and look too much like the moron I really am. By some miracle I popped up out of the water without even getting my hair wet and managed to live through two sets of rollers en route to the unwritten, designated wake boarding end of the lake.

I zigged, I zagged, and zig-zagged again. No air as of yet but I'm working on mustering up the courage and dispelling the image of me in a full body cast sucking my roast beef dinner through a straw because I did something extremely stupid is rather difficult to do. I'm hoping to jump the wake by the end of the season or at least make the attempt.

(Me and the Farmers Three.)

Over the winter I had forgotten how much I loved being out on the lake; the slap of the water lapping against the hull, the smell of SPF 50 in the hot afternoon sun and the toasty feeling of drying out on the bow after a dip. Yep, summer has arrived!


  1. Forever Young said...

    Man that looks like sooooo much fun!! Good job on getting up without getting your hair wet!! That is pretty amazing.

    If it has to be hot, then you need to find water and play :)

  2. TammyP said...

    WOW! The water looks pretty nice. You can actually see the farmers feet underwater?!?!?! It's a good thing you got it in the water last weekend. It looks like it's not going to be very nice for the next couple of weeks. Fun-fun-fun!!!