A Mothers Day to Remember

(What a young man!)

Yesterday was a very special Mother's Day, it was Devin's first time passing the Sacrament. Like the nervous mom that I am, I spent the entire ordinance looking like a pew gopher, sticking my head up as high as my neck could stretch to keep an eye on how he was doing. I held my breath hoping that he wouldn't drop the tray, miss a row, get lost or run into another Deacon. In retrospect, it probably looked like I had little faith in him but he did wonderful and I was so proud to the point of giving him an awkward, one-armed bear hug when he returned to sit with us. I got a little something in my eyes and the head cold I've been fighting for the past week suddenly got all sniffy. He gave me his quirky smile and then proceeded to move to the wall end of the pew before I had to reach for a tissue.

Chicken enchiladas and salad for dinner, F.H.E with Maddy giving an excellent lesson on how to give a blessing and then it was time for the presents! D.J. made me a card, he called it the 'slave' card. It had different flowers in a pot and on each stem was written a chore that he would do whenever I asked. Very sweet. Maddy got me a Bakers half-sheet so I can make my yummy cinnamon rolls (a la Charity) and Devin gave me a squishy mouse pad, a much needed gift!

Hope you had a very Happy Mothers Day too!


  1. TammyP said...

    whoops, I posted on the other one about Devin. Well, he deserves another atta-boy! Good job......

    Sounds like you had a super-sweet day.

    Hope the rest of your week goes just as well!


  2. Forever Young said...

    You totally deserve a great Mothers day, I'm glad you had a good day!!

    I got a little something in my eye, the first couple of weeks Tayler passed the sacrament :) I just can't believe how old our boys are getting!

  3. Barney Family Blog said...

    What a neat mothers' Day, but I swear he is really not 12 is he? That blows my mind!! I can only imagine how great that must be to watch your boy grow up and pass the sacrament.