My Boyfriend's Back

(Now Seating)

Cruising Craigslist Tuesday on the off-chance that I could find something in my "wouldn't that be nice" file at a steal-of-a-deal price, I stumbled on this set of six bar stools @ $30.00 a piece or $150.00 for the lot. Located in the same town, I thought I'd check them out and see if it was all they were said and pictured to be.

There was no problem whatsoever in handing over the moola for these stools once I realized what was offered; heavy, solid wood, extra-wide rope seating with supports in great/good condition besides being dusty, a few little nicks my Farmers would soon add to and a broken, back leg brace (aesthetics only and completely fixable). Two trips and a half-hour later, I was do'n the Happy Dance!!

The Friday before, I landed two office chairs. The first was a black, high-back fancy-pants executive chair for David's office. He's been doing some contracting lately and the thought of sitting in his broken chair for the next two weeks for hours on end wasn't going to make this job (or him) even remotely pleasant to deal with.

The second (different listing, same seller.. a little old lady who recently got out of the real estate business and these were from her office) I claimed for myself, a grey managers chair with all the bells and whistles my backside could ever want or need, both in excellent condition and both - together - for the price of a task chair at Wal-mart. * flailing around like an upright seizure, I call it dancing *

I've yet to 'work' in the chair or use the new squishy mouse pad... my monitor has been kidnapped and enslaved for contracting purposes but I'm looking forward to trying my new toys out.

Hey la, Hey la.... my boyfriends back!

(Re: I'm in love with Craig! March,2008 My Boyfriend's Back by The Angels, c.1963)


  1. Forever Young said...

    Stacey, I love the deals you find. I bet they are really nice to sit at, with a back to lean against. Nice. I like them.