Lessons in What Not to Do: Baby, Baby


My first maternity and newborn sessions and a gazillion lessons in what not to do. 


You may recognizes this glowing gal from a post back in June; what can I say, it’s been a very busy summer.


Jenna was great to work with.  Easy going and up for just about anything even at thirty-eight weeks. We hit the usual haunts along the greenbelt, at which she wouldn’t let me help her up off the ground, and then headed for her home.  She has the cutest, pee-wee league sized basketball of a tummy that made these “maternity” shots not so odd. 


When I first heard of the concept I honestly wasn’t really sure about it, but then I got to thinking, remembering my first and shuffling through what very little prego-pictures I had and I began to realize that a nice, I-don’t-look-like-the-broad-side-of-a-barn in full-bloom motherhood  would have been special.  Sure, I’m grateful for the snapshot of me in David’s sweats, tent-like tee, bad hair and some type of food – who knows what – being unceremoniously and quickly shoved into my mouth, but I’d like to think that I was beautiful at some point along the way with actual proof and not just the consolatory, obligatory, please-don’t-bite-my-head-off line of “you look radiant, Dear” or “there’s nothing more beautiful than an expecting mother.”   Hmmm… reading back through this grammatically challenged paragraph it appears that I may have some issues here.   What are your thoughts?  Did you – do you – have great maternity pictures?  Would you want to have them?




A Jenna 8wm


A Jenna 63wm 


A Jenna 96wm


A Jenna 100wm


A Jenna 134wm


A Jenna 140wm


A Jenna 149wm


And baby makes three!



Ten days.  That’s how new Christian was when he had his very first photo session.  I had came over in the early evening, just after his usual feeding and before the subsequent naptime.  Babies are best asleep; too bad he wasn’t up for it.  Patience, that’s what I learned.  Lots of patience with new mommies and new babies.   Christian was colicky and as we later found out suffering for acid reflux so needless to say he wasn’t his happiest.  Mom and Dad tried hard to get him settled, but I decided that we could try again later.  Lesson learned:  Know when enough is enough. 


Eleven days.  First thing in the morning after second – or was it third – breakfast.  Well fed and content with a light pat on the back, Christian was a superstar.  Both Mom and I were happy to have the little man resting peacefully so she could take a break and I could snap away.  There were a lot of “oohs” and “awes” as we gently tucked in little arms and legs for each set up.  Christian liked to have his man business on display; his tiny knees bent and crossed at the ankles reminding him of the comforts of mom.  Lesson learned:  Don’t say “little man business” while Dad is around.  He might take offense to certain parts being labeled little, tiny, cute etc.  Instead it’s better to overcompensate with big words like huge, enormous, and gargantuan.  The last one REALLY sounds manly and would make any new papa proud.


Babies poop.  Babies pee.  It’s a fact of life. The couch, the bed, Mom in her only pair of jeans that fit post-pregnancy.  Lesson learned; be prepared to have things tinkled on or worse, machine washable is a plus and baby wipes wipe more than little bums.


Though I’m somewhat happy with the way they turned out, I’ve realized the need for a soft box and a detachable flash would help tremendously.  Shadows would disappear and be replaced with even, wrap-around light to create a depth and details.  It’s on my B&H Photo wish list.  Lesson learned:  Do the best with what you’ve got and that necessity (and a poor-gals budget) is the mother of invention.


I also had the opportunity to make custom baby announcements – six different styles – for Mom and Dad to choose from.  It was fun to let the “scrapper” out of the closet and use different digital papers, embellishments and the like I’ve been collecting. 


Bottom line, love the mommies, love the babies and love what you (try) to do.


Props. to Mrs. DLee P for crocheting the “pod”.


A Christian Set 10_7wm


A Christian Set 10_16wm


A Christian Set 14_20wm

 A Christian Set 15_10wm


B Christian Set 3_1wm


B Christian Set 8_5wm 

B Christian Set 6pm


 B Christian Set 10_13wm



B Christian Set 13_9wm



B Christian Set 14_1wm


B Christian Set 14_5wm


  1. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Great pictures. I am in awe at your talent...

  2. Lora said...

    I have 0 pictures of me pregnant that I would say are show worthy (which means only my children get to see them). When I first saw cute prego pictures I was enthralled I have looked at thousands of pictures of pregnant women wishing they were me, I even made my girls promise me they would get cute pictures done of themselves. As you can see from my rant I have some issues with this too ;)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your work Stacey, keep up all your excellent work!!

  3. Stacey said...

    Stacey you are totally awesome! Those are way cute