August – A Narrative: And So It Begins…



Football Set 2_13



The first week of practice.  D.J. is the one in the grey t-shirt.  Practices are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Fridays with games on Saturdays.  Oh, a let’s throw in Scouting Thursdays for good  measure. This week was all about conditioning. 

Stretching, running, basic drills and plays.  I couldn’t help but laugh during warm-ups, I kept thinking of Spaceballs and bobble-heads for some reason.



 Football Set 3_7

Football Set 2_11

Football Set 4_1


The second week of practice was full contact and much more exciting.  D.J. is in the purple jersey.

More stretching, running, drills and plays with a crunch.

He took a hit from the “toughest” player on Monday, the first day with pads, and hurt his wrist.

D.J. shed a few tears and sat out for about fifteen minutes, but was back in action for the rest of practice. 

I was really worried that it would’ve been the end, even Coach W called to see if he was okay. 

When we got home that evening Dave and I asked if he still liked football. 

“I don’t like football….”  Here it comes, I thought.  “I love it!!!” 






















Saturday, August 29th was their first “game” during the jamboree at the local high school. 

Our boys were in blue and aptly named the Broncos.  We all had to wing it since their uniforms were ready yet.

The D (defense) shut down their offense and once we took possession it was Bronco time!

D.J. is getting some much needed advice from Coach W. 

The rest of the pictures are of various teammates during the game.








D.J. loves to play and we’re all excited to support him and the team.

We’re even watching football on t.v. now.  Shocking, I know.

More as the season goes on!



  1. Stacey said...

    Funnnnnnn!!! I love the pics. They are totally action packed. Dave really looks like a proud pappa.

  2. A-train said...

    Go DJ! Awesome action shots. Looking forward to more updates as the season goes on.