Kitchen Couture



I don’t think my sewing machine has left the dining room for the last six months.  In fact, I know it hasn’t and to lessen the cringe-factor of being such a slacker seamstress, I decided to channel my inner Lucy, to duke it out with Donna Reed and put together an apron any true domestic diva would be proud to sift, simmer and soufflé in.




Inspired by a vintage, twenty cent thrift store pattern and a buck-fifty a yard “retro” looking fabric, my Bernadette and I began our torrid affair last Thursday.  And like any to-do, we had our ups and down and I unfortunately let the seam ripper get between us much to my own chagrin.  I suppose it would help if I didn’t have to have it MY
WAY all the time, but there you have it.  Stubborn as all get out and definitely too big for my sewing britches. 


The top portion is big enough to bless the well-endowed woman which I’m certainly not and I added the extra raspberry trim at the neck, waist and hem line upping the sewing difficulty level to beginner.   Let me tell you exactly how many pleats there are in the bodice and skirt – a gazillion.  I found some kiwi flat lace and added two strips to the v-neckline just to give the appearance that I know what I’m doing. 



Yes I digress, an actual picture of my backside.  My motto is “the bigger the bow, the smaller the biscuits” and I’m not talking about the baking powder kind though sometimes I wonder at the rate mine are expanding.  Those Victorian ladies had it right; corsets, bows and bustles hide many a late-night nibble sin.




What can you do with extra fabric?  Why…  accessorize a la Lucy.  To be honest, we’re making headbands and bows as one of our Enriching U-niversity labs for Super-Saturday and this was the trial run.  I didn’t attach the bow, it’s on a clippie so I can move it around or just wear it alone.  Sunday I wore it (yes, I wore my apron to church solidifying my place as a true “moron” in the world in an effort to advertise the upcoming Relief Society event) and placed the bow at the bottom of the headband, just where the fabric meets the elastic.



I happened to buy two patterns that day and a second set of fabrics to make yet another apron.  This one is a retro blue/brown paisley pattern and I’m so going rockabilly with it, pettiskirt and all.  If you can’t cook, at least look like you can.  Maybe I’ll make a matching apron for Miss Is and get her off on the right foot.


Props to Devin’s shooting skills, though I’m reminded of why I’d rather be behind rather than in front of the camera.  Humility.  Check.


  1. Connie said...

    Okay, "Lucy"!! Devin's skills are greater than mine, chick! Good shots of all. I'm putting it on my blog next week.....

  2. mandbrid said...

    You and your apron look great!

  3. Lora said...

    Love it!! I saw one like yours at saturday's market in hillsboro and loved it!! I need to come to your U-niversity so I can make one ;)

    I love all the pics, you of course look awesome!

  4. The Gooch Family said...

    Love the apron! Looks fantastic!

  5. Stacey said...

    I honestly am saying this so don't put sarcasm in....I think that you are the only one who can pull off sexy in that apron. look sooooo cute!!!! I loved it!

  6. ...for all eternity. said...

    LOVE IT!! You did a great job, and the biscuits look good too!! I'm so jealous of your sweet skills! Good luck with the Enrichment!!