Loving the Unloved

Jelly Beans Blurry

Love is a many-splendored thing. It comes in many splendid colors and just as many, equally splendid flavors.

Jelly Beans

Those too fat, too small or slighted by imperfections. Those hiding ghastly disfigurements under dark, candied cloaks. Even those freckled, Siamese twins at the factory freak show… they all need to be loved and I’m prepared to love them. To really, really love them the only way I know how.

Yesterday I discovered that our local grocer now sells Belly Flops – Jelly Bellies that have been rejected by their maker and cast out to the swine for a buck-fifty-six a pound. When I'm working on the computer, I more than likely have three things handy. An unleaded Diet Coke, mood music via Slacker and Red Hots or something of the like. It helps unwind all those tangled thoughts in a somewhat orderly fashion and keeps the jitters to a minimum. When I saw these rejects in the bulk food section, staring from out behind the plastic container with those mutated, puppy eyes, I had to take some home and appreciated them just how they are.

I’m still appreciating. And appreciating… I suppose I won’t be too appreciative when those thunder thighs of mine start to roll. Until then, love is a many, many-splendored thing.


  1. Connie said...

    Hoooooooo.......I hear ya, chick!! Oooooooooooo